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"I started seeing Taili in October for chronic hip and back pain. I had been advised that I needed a fusion by a Neurologist. I have a torn muscle in my hip, had seen an orthopedic and he said my hip issue was minor, but that my back issue was major and I needed to definitely do the fusion. I had already had 3 injections in my back and 1 in my hip and these did not resolve my pain. After seeing Taili once a week for the last few months, I have seen amazing results. I was limping from the hip pain, I am now walking like a normal person. I could barely complete a trip to the grocery store without being totally exhausted from the pain and frustration of the struggle to walk. I actually went shopping at the mall on Black Friday and amazed myself at how well I did walking. I would proudly recommend Taili and Acupuncture to anyone suffering from chronic pain. I am feeling energized, and my overall health has improved at an exceptional rate since I started this process. Taili is very professional and an expert in her field. She listens and takes her time to develop the best treatment program for the issues of concern. Thank you Taili. I look forward to continued improvement and results in the future. "
Jonnie W.
"I would highly recommend Taili as an acupuncturist. I have been going to her for about 3 years. She has helped and healed many ailments for me such as sinuses, asthma, Meniere's disease (ringing in the ears), and stress. I come to her every 3 weeks and she is amazing. On the first visit I saw immediate results! She is very caring, detailed and compassionate."
Cindy C.
"I've been seeing Taili since 2009 for many different reasons, and I can assure she is one of the best acupuncturists ever. She is very professional, kind and knowledgeable and always eager to find a solution for your problem. She has become my family doctor, my friend and my 'guru'. I highly recommend her as an alternative treatment. "
Dalva H.
"Would I recommend Taili Chou and acupuncture?
Yes, with no hesitation. Her knowledge is superb. She has helped my balance, lowered considerably my pain from fibromyalgia, my shaking for long periods of time is almost non-existent. My knees are no longer aching and my back and hips have long periods of not hurting.
She gives much caring and compassion physically and mentally, that is needed when going through adversities that she then addresses professionally and with positive results."
Sue I.
"Back in 2009, I started going to Taili after I had a miscarriage. I had read that acupuncture could help with fertility. I was skeptical about it, but I thought I would try it. After just 1 month of her doing acupuncture, I was able to conceive. I had a wonderful pregnancy and delivered a baby girl in May 2010.
Then 2 years later in 2011, I decided that I would go back. I truly felt that acupuncture helped me the first time. Again, after seeing Taili only 3 times, I was able to conceive within the month. I was truly shocked that I was able to conceive so quickly both times. I was even more shocked when I found out I was having TWINS! Again, this pregnancy was amazing. I was able to carry them 37 weeks and gave birth to healthy twin boys in May 2012. Taili is so good at what she does and I highly recommend her!"
Meredith E.
"When I was 12 years old, I had my first grand mal seizure. The doctors diagnosed me with epilepsy. I had every test in the world done, but the doctors could not explain it. Medication worked at first, but the side effects were horrendous. I did not feel alive. It was more like living in a fog. The seizures started to happen more often a few years later even with the medication. Nutritionist, a chiropractor, and even massage therapy did not work. Juicing and blending helped a little with the side effects, but I was still having seizures on a regular basis. After twenty years of searching for a solution, it was found with Taili and acupuncture. I am going on over 7 months seizure free which is a miracle. In the process of my treatments, she has also helped me with my anxiety, stress, major headaches, allergies, digestion, joint pain, dry skin on my face and hands, back and shoulder pain, as well as my inability to sleep. Taili and acupuncture helped me and I have no doubt that she can help you too. "
Eric E.
"My husband and I decided that we wanted to start a family, but we quickly realized that it wasn't going to be as easy as we had hoped. We went to a fertility doctor, and he recommended that we move forward with in vitro fertilization or IVF. Our first round of IVF, we implanted 2 embryos but neither resulted in a pregnancy. When I went back to the doctor for a second round, he recommended that we pursue acupuncture to help improve our chances of success. When I researched acupuncture and IVF, I found several studies supporting the fact that acupuncture helps improve IVF outcomes. I began seeing Taili at Champions Acupuncture. She made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. She was very knowledgeable, and I felt that she designed her treatment plan based on my specific needs. I found that I had less side effects from my second round of IVF and felt like I was better able to manage the stress. I found the sessions to be very relaxing and in a situation where so much is out of your control, they allowed me to feel like I was actively doing something to improve my chances of becoming a mom. We ended up getting pregnant the second round but did not make it full term. On our third try, I went back to Taili again. This time, we were successful, and are expecting our baby girl to arrive in April. I am very thankful to Taili for all of her help. She seems to genuinely care about her clients, and I feel like she greatly contributed to our success!"
Katey E.
"My daughter and I have been coming to Taili for over 2 years. She is wonderful and compassionate - and most of all her treatments really work! She helped us with different ailments, from sore shoulders, to digestive issues, allergies, the flu, severe coughs and headaches. I usually try to see her before I see a doctor. Thank you Taili! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone."
"I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for helping me so much with my sinus and allergy problems. Your office is so comfortable, clean and peaceful, and I always know that I will feel better after every visit. It is amazing to me how a needle in my foot or my hand can open up my sinuses and clear up my allergy issues, but it works every time! I know that if I ever have any other problems, a quick trip to your office will take care of things.
Thank you so much!"
Karin M.
"I came to Taili almost two years ago seeking a natural approach to addressing the pain in my left shoulder. Within three visits my shoulder was much better. I was not only impressed with the healing powers of acupuncture, but Taili's ability to determine the help I need based off of my symptoms. Her acupuncture expertise continues to help me with peri-menopause symptoms, pain management & just overall well-being. I can't recommend the wonders of acupuncture & Taili's skills enough!"
Andrea H.