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Acupuncture for Prediabetes

What is "Prediabetes"?

Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have "prediabetes" -- blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

According to American Diabetes Association, there are several ways to diagnose prediabetes. You can test your A1C (glycated hemoglobin), FPG (fasting blood glucose), and OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test).

Results indicating prediabetes are:

Preventing type 2 diabetes

You will not develop type 2 diabetes automatically if you have prediabetes. For some people with prediabetes, early treatment can actually return blood glucose levels to the normal range. Research shows that you can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes by 58% by: Losing 7% of your body weight (or 15 pounds if you weigh 200 pounds). Exercising moderately (such as brisk walking) 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Don't worry if you can't get to your ideal body weight. Losing even 10 to 15 pounds can make a huge difference.

How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Treats Prediabetes

In treating prediabetes, Traditional Chinese medicine offers a way to address each patient individually to return blood glucose level to the normal range. I may choose to use a variety of techniques during treatment including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Taichi exercise, lifestyle/dietary recommendations. The treatment for prediabetes will focus on regulating the circulation of blood and Qi and balancing the organ systems to improve pancreatic function.


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