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Acupuncture for Pain Management

A tremendous amount of people live with pain and are constantly seeking help. The pain experienced ranges from musculo-skeletal to neurological to gastrointestinal, and many other types. A modern stressful lifestyle may elevate the pain in many ways. Taili Chou L. Ac. focuses her practice on combining her highly successful "less needles" technique with Chinese Medicine. She encourages people to incorporate her technique of treatment into their pain management. People who undergo this treatment experience pain relief, resulting in a vast improvement in their lifestyle.

We can significantly decrease your pain and associated abnormal sensation if it is due to:

  • Migraine, Tension headache, Sinus headache
  • TMJ
  • Stiff neck, Painful neck
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Leg Pain, Cramps
  • Knee pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Shingles
  • Post-surgery pain

"When I was 12 years old, I had my first grand mal seizure. The doctors diagnosed me with epilepsy. I had every test in the world done, but the doctors could not explain it. Medication worked at first, but the side effects were horrendous. I did not feel alive. It was more like living in a fog. The seizures started to happen more often a few years later even with the medication. Nutritionist, a chiropractor, and even massage therapy did not work. Juicing and blending helped a little with the side effects, but I was still having seizures on a regular basis. After twenty years of searching for a solution, it was found with Taili and acupuncture. I am going on over 7 months seizure free which is a miracle. In the process of my treatments, she has also helped me with my anxiety, stress, major headaches, allergies, digestion, joint pain, dry skin on my face and hands, back and shoulder pain, as well as my inability to sleep. Taili and acupuncture helped me and I have no doubt that she can help you too. "
Eric E.
"I had been looking into acupuncture for over a year. I suffer from many aches and pains. In May of 2015 my foot and shoulder pain was beyond endurance. I found Champions Acupuncture on the internet and called to inquire about the process. Taili talked with me for several minutes and made me feel comfortable about my first acupuncture visit. She was very professional, kind, and intuitive. When I arrive the office was very peaceful, calm and quiet. The view in the exam room is tranquil and soothing. Taili is very easy to talk to and she listens attentively. She is knowledgeable and her skill is painless. Today my shoulder moves freely and I have no foot pain. The other added benefits include relief for arthritis in my hands has improved along with reduced swelling. My knees donft hurt as much as before. My lower back has fewer spasms and I no long have gallbladder spasms. Acupuncture is allowing me to move easier and continue to work. This has been an eye opening experience. I feel rested, calm, at ease and the pain is reduced greatly. Taili you are amazing and I thank you. I highly recommend Champions Acupuncture to anyone who needs pain relief of any kind. Thank you again for choosing to help people in pain. As far as Ifm concerned Taili is number 1 in my book. "
Carlos Z.
"I developed peripheral neuropathy as a toxic reaction to a well know antibiotic that I took back in October 2015. Both hands and feet developed burning and tingling and my hands experienced numbness. My little finger and ring fingers on my left hand were completely numb. I went back to the doctor who prescribed the antibiotic and he assured me that it would all be gone in "a couple of days". That was true for my feet, but two months later my hands were the same. I had a test done by a neurologist that showed the drug had caused nerve damage to my left ulnar nerve, causing cubital tunnel syndrome. She referred me to a surgeon who said I might need surgery. At that point I decided that I'd seen enough traditional doctors and called Taili Chou. When I went to her I could not hold a phone up to my ear with my left hand for more that 5 seconds before the burning and tingling forced me to put it down and I was still waking up at night with burning or numb hands. I experienced immediate improvement from the first treatment with Taili and went on to have 5 treatments in total. I no longer have the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy or cubital tunnel syndrome. This past week I received a call from an old friend and didn't realize until I hung up that I'd held my phone up to my ear with my left hand for an hour. I am so grateful to Taili for using her knowledge and skill to facilitate my recovery. She's very caring and diligent in helping her patients. I highly recommend her! "
Lori D.
"Acupuncture treatment by Dr. Taili Chou has been wonderful in helping me with side-effects of chemotherapy. I am a patient under treatment for Multiple Myeloma at MD Anderson for the last nine years. I been involved in several Clinical Trials with novel treatments. Most have troubling side-effects, including neuropathy, digestive issues and serious fatigue. On my first visit, she focused on neuropathy, digestive issues and fatigue. My neuropoathy has been eliminated for the last 3 years since that first treatment and kept under control by periodic treatments. This has been such an amazing help to me. Dr. Taili Chou is able to customize her Acupuncture to address symptoms and provide relief for them. She is very experienced and talented. I am able to actually feel energy flows emanating from each needle as she places them. This is also extremely relaxing during each session and I find it very helpful at reducing the stress associated with cancer. I would recommend anyone taking cancer treatment or experiencing pain or discomfort to seek out Dr. Taili Chou to develop a program of treatment to help. "
John H.
"I started seeing Taili in October for chronic hip and back pain. I had been advised that I needed a fusion by a Neurologist. I have a torn muscle in my hip, had seen an orthopedic and he said my hip issue was minor, but that my back issue was major and I needed to definitely do the fusion. I had already had 3 injections in my back and 1 in my hip and these did not resolve my pain. After seeing Taili once a week for the last few months, I have seen amazing results. I was limping from the hip pain, I am now walking like a normal person. I could barely complete a trip to the grocery store without being totally exhausted from the pain and frustration of the struggle to walk. I actually went shopping at the mall on Black Friday and amazed myself at how well I did walking. I would proudly recommend Taili and Acupuncture to anyone suffering from chronic pain. I am feeling energized, and my overall health has improved at an exceptional rate since I started this process. Taili is very professional and an expert in her field. She listens and takes her time to develop the best treatment program for the issues of concern. Thank you Taili. I look forward to continued improvement and results in the future. "
Jonnie W.
"Would I recommend Taili Chou and acupuncture?
Yes, with no hesitation. Her knowledge is superb. She has helped my balance, lowered considerably my pain from fibromyalgia, my shaking for long periods of time is almost non-existent. My knees are no longer aching and my back and hips have long periods of not hurting.
She gives much caring and compassion physically and mentally, that is needed when going through adversities that she then addresses professionally and with positive results."
Sue I.
"My daughter and I have been coming to Taili for over 2 years. She is wonderful and compassionate - and most of all her treatments really work! She helped us with different ailments, from sore shoulders, to digestive issues, allergies, the flu, severe coughs and headaches. I usually try to see her before I see a doctor. Thank you Taili! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone."
"I came to Taili almost two years ago seeking a natural approach to addressing the pain in my left shoulder. Within three visits my shoulder was much better. I was not only impressed with the healing powers of acupuncture, but Taili's ability to determine the help I need based off of my symptoms. Her acupuncture expertise continues to help me with peri-menopause symptoms, pain management & just overall well-being. I can't recommend the wonders of acupuncture & Taili's skills enough!"
Andrea H.
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