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Acupuncture for Allergies

Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, acute bronchitis, and frequent colds. Others endure these conditions year-round. If you are one of these people, then you know how much the quality and activity-level of your life is compromised by not feeling well. When your physical body declines your spirit declines with it, and vice versa. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are somewhat effective in alleviating symptoms of these conditions, but generally come with a variety of uncomfortable side effects.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are a natural, effective solution for allergies, sinusitis, asthma and cold symptoms, and can address and correct the root cause of the problem as well. Patients often feel an immediate improvement.

Allergy symptoms are the result of an abnormal immune response that happens when there is an existing hypersensitivity to normally harmless environmental substances. By inserting acupuncture needles into different acupuncture points, substances are released internally that regulate your body's central nervous system function, normalizing your body's antigen-antibody immune-related response. The substances released reduce inflammation, improving circulation in the area, helping to speed recovery. Chronic inflammation, especially sinus inflammation, can weaken the body's adrenal glands and lead to conditions including chronic fatigue, sluggish metabolism, and even depression. Acupuncture alone (or in combination with Chinese herbs) is very effective in restoring and stabilizing normal adrenal function. Treatment encourages your adrenal glands to function naturally and independently, without the need for supplements.

Although we can immediately reduce symptoms during an allergy attack, the best way to enhance your immunity is not during an allergy attack because your body is under a lot of stress when it's inflamed. Decreasing the inflamed condition is necessary, but treating the root cause (ie, enhancing immunity) is essential. We provide a complete treatment for people because we care.


"I've been seeing Dr. Taili for a little over 3 months for a variety of problems, starting with acupuncture sessions twice a week, then weekly, and now every other week. In this short period of time I am now completely off allergy medication (which I have used for over a year), have minimum to no pain in my lower back and hip (which I suffered from for years) and my menopausal night sweats are completely gone. Dr. Taili is truly a miracle healer. Her knowledge of acupuncture is very deep and thorough and she never stops learning. I always feel good positive energy during treatments and experience not only immediate relief when I leave her office, but also continuous gradual improvement for days to come. I highly recommend Dr. Taili to anyone considering trying acupuncture for a variety of reasons and will be happy to tell more about my experience over the phone if needed. "
Irina D.
"I would highly recommend Taili as an acupuncturist. I have been going to her for about 3 years. She has helped and healed many ailments for me such as sinuses, asthma, Meniere's disease (ringing in the ears), and stress. I come to her every 3 weeks and she is amazing. On the first visit I saw immediate results! She is very caring, detailed and compassionate."
Cindy C.
"I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for helping me so much with my sinus and allergy problems. Your office is so comfortable, clean and peaceful, and I always know that I will feel better after every visit. It is amazing to me how a needle in my foot or my hand can open up my sinuses and clear up my allergy issues, but it works every time! I know that if I ever have any other problems, a quick trip to your office will take care of things.
Thank you so much!"
Karin M.
"My daughter and I have been coming to Taili for over 2 years. She is wonderful and compassionate - and most of all her treatments really work! She helped us with different ailments, from sore shoulders, to digestive issues, allergies, the flu, severe coughs and headaches. I usually try to see her before I see a doctor. Thank you Taili! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone."
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