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Welcome to my office at NW Houston Champions area.
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Acupuncture, as an important and unique part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has played a major role in the health care of the Chinese people. There has been an explosion of interest in the health benefits, and acupuncture was chosen by the US and Europe as the first alternative medicine.

People may have questions such as "Do the needles hurt?", "Are the needles clean?", or "How does it work?" Acupuncture needles don't hurt, but they do have sensations from conduction of Qi (energy) flowing. It is very unique and pleasant. The needles are discarded properly after they are used and all equipment in the office is sanitized. An air purifier is on as needed.

People respond to acupuncture differently. Some people feel an immediate effect after first treatment. Most people get the benefits after several sessions. By itself, people often experience improvements in several areas of health, not just in the area they are seeking treatment for.

My philosophy is that I don't treat several patients simultaneously. Therefore, you are taken care of with my high level of knowledge, skills and full attention. The clinics are stress free. Please call me if you have any health questions and would like to make an appointment.